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I started taking lessons with Iain over two years ago, I was a nervous driver who struggled with most aspects of driving to begin with, such as special awareness, manoeuvers, roundabouts etc. With Iain's help using diagrams, mind maps and even hypnotherapy CD's I was able to overcome my fears and nerves in order to combat these obstacles. In the past two months I managed to get outside practice using my Grampa's car, which as Iain said (many times), boosted my confidence and gave me loads of practice. Thinking back to how I was as an anxious learner driver, I don't think I would have passed without Iain's encouragement and help along the way. I would highly recommend Ayrshire Driving Solutions to anyone who feels they are too nervous or scared to drive, as Iain works with you to overcome these fears and worries in a way that is most suited to you as an individual. The banter on the journey to success with Iain is also a glorious bonus! Thank you.

Elaine Connacher April 2016

I started taking driving lessons last year as a way to regain control after a period of extreme anxiety, and I am very lucky to have chosen Iain. From the very beginning Iain was insightful and informative, to the point of having a chart on hand to demonstrate the average number of lessons needed for a successful test according to age groups. With Iain I experienced a teaching style akin to building a wall, each brick of information and knowledge being placed to reinforce the rest, and the patience to let the mortar set. With Iains patience, attention to detail and unending knowledge I was able to pass my test on the first try, something which I firmly believe would not have been achieved with any other instructor. Iain is a firm choice for anyone wishing to study driving safely and successfully.

Drew Cochrane March 2016

I started learning with ADS May 2015. I have been learning to drive on and off for a number of years, in the past I always seemed to struggle to get past a certain stage and felt very nervous when driving. Iain used different techniques to tailor my lessons to my style of learning and found ways to help me become more confident when driving. I found this really beneficial to help me get past the stage I was stuck at and managed to past my test in December 2015 on my first attempt. I would highly recommend ADS to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Joanne Berry December 2015

I took driving lessons many years ago and due to a bad experience and lots of self-doubt, I gave up. Fast forward a couple of decades...I decided to take the plunge again! After reading about Iain's experience as an instructor and reading the testimonials on this page I booked my first lesson. I'm proud to say that I've just passed my test on my first attempt. I can vouch for all the things said about Iain on this page - apart from the comments about his bad jokes! He's got a cracking sense of humour and I will gladly be nicking some of his patter to pass off as my own!

So if you're someone who, like me, thought they'd never be able to overcome nerves, self-doubt, lack of spatial awareness...or you are someone who has been driving for many years but are still not confident on the road, I recommend you book a lesson with Ayrshire Driving Solutions - it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Linda Murphy December 2015

Would highly recommend Iain as a driving instructor. He changes the way he teaches to suit you and if it wasn't for him having that skill I wouldn't be sitting with a pass of only 2 minors!, great laugh and very reliable!, if he can teach me he can teach anyonegrinning!! Thanks so much Iain for working as hard as you did for me.

Rachel Cherry October 2015

I would like to thank Iain from Ayrshire Driving Solutions for getting me to such a high standard of driving, I was able to pass my driving test with 0 faults. When I started lessons I was beyond nervous but with Iain's professional teaching as a grade A instructor and terrible jokes made me look forward to every lesson as i could feel myself progressing every week. I could not recommend Iain enough.

Grant Nicol July 2015

If you're looking for a safe and fun way to learn to drive I would recommend Iain to everybody. A really good teacher who can work with you and help develop you into a confident and most importantly a safe driver. Before I took lessons with Iain I was a very unconfident driver and wasn't really able to analyse where my faults and fears were coming from. However with Iain's personalised teaching technique my driving improved really quickly and helped me see where I needed to work on and since I passed my test with him I've never felt so happy driving. 10 out of 10 recommend Ayrshire driving solutions, genuine down-to-earth skilled driving instructor! Thank you.

Carla Robinson July 2015

I would recommend Iain as instructor to anyone, he really tailors the lesson to the person and is so very patient. He made learning to drive a treat.

Hazel McCulloch July 2015

If your looking to book lessons, I recommend you go with this company. I found it very interesting and the techniques I was taught is useful to me. I just want to thank Iain for all his hard work to make me the driver I am today.

Laura Hyslop May 2015

Anyone considering driving lessons should look no further than this man. My son who has ADHD has just passed his driving test, first time, all with thanks to the support he was given by Ian. Anybody who understands ADHD will know they are not easy to teach but with Ian's patience and understanding this is what is achievable and he also went that extra mile to help him understand the theory side of it as well by teaching this in a manner that suited his needs.

Angela Smith April 2015

Thanks to Iain passed my test today!!! As a very nervous driver from the beginning, his teaching was suited individually to my needs and his patience was incredible throughout. Could not recommend Ayrshire Driving Solutions and Iain more! Thanks for all your help Iain, couldn't have done it without you.

Eilidh Clark April 2015

Iain is possibly the best instructor I could have gotten as he is a man of incredible patience. When I first started my lessons I was extremely anxious about driving but Iain helped me through it all and helped through any other challenges I had to face along the road. So in short, if you're looking for a driving instructor that not only teaches you’re driving properly and safely then whilst changing his teaching methods to suit you then Iain is your man. Thanks Iain for all you’ve done for me.

Christopher Andrews April 2015

Just passed my test today thanks to Iain, Fantastic instructor, very patient and strives to fit his teaching to each individual pupil. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn too drive. Thanks again for getting me through it Iain.

Fraser Irvine March 2015

Iain is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor who I'm more than happy to recommend. If you're looking for the best instructor about then you've found him. Not only did he help me become a competent car driver he also helped improve the standard to which I ride my motorbike. I think this says a lot about Iain as an instructor.

Curtis Finnegan March 2015

Anyone looking for a reliable instructor who has the time and patience to work with his pupils and help them reach their full potential should look no further than Iain Campbell. He tailed his lessons to a method and pace that suited me. After each lesson I felt more confident than the last lesson and looking forward to the next. Thanks Iain. Top class instructor.

Andrew Coyle February 2015

Just passed my test today thanks to Iain. Fantastic instructor, very patient and strives to fit his teaching to each individual pupil. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again for getting me through it Iain.

Fraser Irvine March 2015

I started my lessons with Iain. I wasn't very confident. I was terrified from roundabouts and panicked when a truck, lorry or bus passed me. Iain sat and explained to me in thorough detail and made me overcome all these fears I had. Every lesson I had built up my confidence simply because Iain was so patient with me. And with his skills I got through my test. Highly recommend his driving skills. Wouldn't repeat his jokes there terrible ( only kidding ) so a huge thank you to this man I now have confidence in driving

Thanks again

Lauren Harkins October 2014

Before starting my lessons with Ian I had been with a few driving instructors and had given up and felt resigned to the idea that driving wasn’t for me. Years later I started taking lessons again this time with Ian. This time the lessons felt different as they felt tailored to my needs, skills and level of confidence. The lessons went at a pace that suited me, building up my confidence in driving. Ian’s teaching style adapted to my way of learning ensuring that I gained the knowledge required to become a confident driver. He does have a funny sense of humour that puts you at ease and has the patience of a saint.

Now I’ve passed and driving my own car, something I couldn’t have imagined before I met Ian. I would highly recommend Ian as a driving Instructor he’s a fantastic teacher.

Brian Millar September 2014

I started learning to drive in December last year with absolutely no driving experience.  I started out struggling with even taking off and driving in a straight line.  Thanks to Iain and his patience I was able to overcome the many obstacles that prevented me from being a good driver.  I passed my test first time earlier this month (September) and I have only Iain to thank for it.  I would recommend Ayrshire Driving Solutions to anyone as I honestly believe Iain is the best at what he does and you won't find a more thorough, genuine and friendly instructor anywhere.

Thanks Iain. I look forward to seeing you for pass plus. :D

Sam McCrae September 2014

3 words 2 describe Iain as an instructor, PATIENT, FUNNY, OUTSTANDING. Iain instilled a confidence in me I never knew I had, he doesn't shout or get angry and always try’s his best 2 put you at ease and break everything down so it's easy 2 understand.

Amazing instructor. Thank you :-D

Alison Lapham July 2014

I would like to thank Iain for putting in the time and effort to make me the driver I am today and able to pass my test first attempt especially in such little time. This goes to show how good an instructor he is as I'm not the easiest person to work with yet he managed to bring out the best In me and teach me right from wrong. I would highly recommend Iain as an instructor to anyone who is looking for a reliable instructor who has the time and patience to work with his pupils and help them reach their potential. Top class instructor.

Ben Cairnie July 2014

When I first started driving I was terribly nervous and not one bit confident at all if I could go back to then now I would never have imagined I would pass my test but I did and here I am now. I could never have done it without Iain. Iain taught me everything you could know about driving and eventually by practice my confidence just got better and better. I practiced some in my own car which also helped my driving but I could never have done it without Iain so I can’t thank you enough Iain for getting me through my test and teaching me everything I needed to know.

Shannon Swanson April 2014

Would like to say a big thanks to Iain for helping me pass my test first time!! He has great patience when he is working with you and helps you feel relaxed while driving. He will make you a good driver to be able to drive on all types of roads confidently. Also the banter he has is brilliant! Don’t think I ever went a lesson without laughing. He is really easy to get along with and takes great interest in you which I enjoyed as he would always ask how my football match went at the weekend. I honestly have nothing bad to say about Iain! he has helped me a lot and without his coaching I would not be anywhere near as confident a driver than i am. If you are looking to be a good, safe driver then i would strongly recommend doing your lessons through Ayrshire Driving solutions.

Brandon McEvoy March 2014

I can't thank you enough Ian for the time and effort you put in to helping me pass my test. It has been a real pleasure being taught by such a humble and brilliant teacher such as yourself and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Thanks to you, with experience I believe I will only become better and better, and for that I thank you. To anyone taking driving lessons I thoroughly recommend you as I believe that you truly are the best at what u do.

Thanks for everything, all the best to you in the future.

Mark Hyslop August 2013

The thought of learning to drive prior to my first lesson with Iain would turn my throat dry. This changed very quickly, Iain Campbell is a fantastic instructor who gave me the knowledge and confidence to become a safe driver on the road. His step by step approach to teaching everything from moving off to manoeuvres was an excellent way to be taught. Even if one did not learn or think in a particular fashion, Iain would adjust his teaching to suit you.

All in all, I would highly recommend that people looking to drive turn to Iain Campbell, as they'd be missing out on a rewarding, friendly experience and top notch driving instruction. Thanks again!

Andrew McFadyen August 2013

Can't thank you enough for what you made me achieve by passing my test. My experience of learning to drive with you has been a complete joy and pleasure. I don't think there was ever a time where I didn't enjoy a lesson each lesson was a learning curve and an privilege to be taught by you. With your teachings I will become a better driver with more experience I have on the road and it's all thanks to you. I would recommend you to anyone you really are the best at what you do and have learned so much from you and yet again loved every hour I spent with you going to be a shame not seeing you every Saturday but all the best and thanks for everything.

Adam Hyslop July 2013 (Passed with no faults)

I am extremely happy that I chose Iain as my instructor, he has the patience of a saint, a great sense of humour and I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for an easy-going and experienced instructor. When I first began taking lessons I was extremely nervous and tended to "freeze up" whenever I made a mistake however with Iain's guidance and understanding I was able to fully overcome that fear.

If at any time I was struggling to understand a certain aspect of driving or even a hardware component of the car Iain did not hesitate to go into great detail about it until I was fully informed and confident about it. Also, after each lesson, Iain makes a recording detailing what exactly was achieved that lesson and what may need improved on in the next lesson, this helped stay on track and quickly eliminate any flaws in my driving.

Primarily learning with Iain was an excellent experience and I couldn't recommend him more to anyone looking for an accomplished and easy-going instructor.

Jordan Neil 2013

When I first started driving I was so nervous that I just about convinced myself I couldn't do it, without Iain I think I would have gave up, anything I struggled with he always found a way to help me, he's got so Much patience and will be honest with you. He's not just taught me to drive a car, he's taught me to be a safer driver and to believe in myself and have confidence in what I'm doing. It's hard picking an instructor , no one can choose one for you, you have to pick the right one for you.

I would highly recommended Iain and if you go with him you won't regret it, he will teach to help you. The only thing he could improve on is his jokes lol. Thanks to Iain I passed today, and can continue learning more as I drive on my own.

Caitlin Docherty 2013

Where to start? I'm still in shock that I passed, first time! How did that happen?!?! The only thing I can put it down to is the quality of instruction that Iain gives, there is honestly so much I could say and I have nothing but praise for the guy, I mean he managed to put up with me all that time which in itself is an achievement, I don't know how he managed it, I know I was a nightmare to teach.

I'd definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He's not kidding when he says that the instruction is tailored to the individual. He manages to work out quickly the way in which a person learns best and adapts everything to the person. He doesn't just teach you just enough to pass either, he teaches a person how to be the best driver you can possibly be. He also doesn't just teach a person the test routes, he teaches you everything you need to handle everything they can throw at you during the test. He makes driving almost easy.

I honestly can't imagine learning with someone other than this guy and all I can say is, you'd be daft not to learn with Iain, he is truly brilliant at what he does.

Nicole Pentelton July 2013

I'm still ecstatic from passing first time with Iain as my instructor! It's mind baffling for me to think back to when I first started learning how to drive with Iain, and my first lesson, where I was very nervous.

Fast forward to now and I've passed my driving test first time with only one minor fault! It has to be said that, in the beginning I almost thought I would never get there but Iain's perseverance with me as a student helped me immensely; he has boundless patience because, at first, I lacked full attention and would never listen to his insistent tip of "PRACTICE!" But after I finally took his advice I improved almost overnight; Iain is not just a driving instructor because he knows so much about how the mind works - he was able to correctly predict that once I had the basics covered - with practice - everything else fell into place.

I would seriously recommend Iain and Ayrshire Driving Solutions to anyone wishing to learn how to drive or improve their driving - at any age. I can't thank him enough!

Dean Masson, July 2nd 2013

Cannot believe it...I passed! Iain has been a great teacher. I never wanted to drive at the beginning and picked it up really slowly. He has been really patient and kind. Really made me relax and have fun with my driving.

I would recommend Iain to anyone of any age who wanted to learn to drive. He doesn't just teach you the basics. He teaches you to be the best driver you can be.

I know that now I can drive with confidence with anyone of my family in the car beside me. Thanks Ian. See you in my beetle on the road sometime.

Joann McMasters June 2013

I have been learning from Iain for many months and after the first lesson i knew he was one of those instructors that feels very passionate about driving. Every time we had a lesson he was always giving me advice, steering me in the right direction. Having driven tractors for many years i had picked up a few bad habits which were soon left behind. I can't thank you enough for helping me pass my test, from the first lesson till the test it was a pleasure learning from you. Should anyone ask me to recommend an instructor to them then you will be first on my list

Hugh Gilligan April (2013) Passed with No faults.

Originally before I started to learn to drive from Iain I had another driving instructor who I felt " wasn't providing me with the skills & techniques I needed to know to pass my test and also providing me with the confidence to make me feel that I would pass my test on the day, when it arrived." I failed my test with my first instructor last summer to which I was very annoyed and frustrated from that I decided to take a break and started learning from mid-October again from Iain.

Iain took me over each step of my driving giving me techniques on how to improve each of them, boosting my confidence along the way. The most valuable information I felt that made me feel the most confident was having a "check list" to every action where that being a manoeuvre or approaching a junction etc... So basically I knew that if I did every one of those "steps" I could not fail.

Iain records each time you are out with him to note which needs improving etc. This quite benefited me since I have a terrible memory and usually forgot by the next lesson what happened previously. Also at the start when I first came to Iain I felt that I knew everything, I did know some things but not everything, if you're like me coming from another instructor and do pass your test with Iain you will also look back and feel like you knew not a lot compared to what you know now. I would recommend anyone who feels that if their not sure about their instructor or are looking for an advanced driving instructor to look no further... I couldn't of done this without the help of Iain and I am grateful for that.

Chris Reid March (2013)

For anyone of any driving ability Ian Campbell at Ayrshire Driving Solutions is a fantastic candidate, not only for his driving instructor skills but his person to person communication is second to none. He can particularly find your driving flaws very early on and works on them without wasting anytime. Throughout my time working with Ian I found he was a very flexible person and willing to adapt to numerous times to suit the learner. I found he was very good at his profession and also found he was great communicator.

Overall he was a great guy to work with and would recommend him to anyone brilliant instructor. During my lessons I learned far more than I needed to for passing my test. If anything I probably went in to my test over prepared and it almost seemed easy! He is a fantastic instructor. Thanks Ian!

December 2012 David Reid (2012)

My driving experience with Iain Campbell at Ayrshire Driving Solutions was fantastic. He taught me how to be an amazing driver and made the experience of learning to drive enjoyable. Iain showed me all the different driving manoeuvres step by step and in full detail. If i had any problems with a driving manoeuvre or out on the road he took the time to go back over it and made sure I understood it.

I passed first time and I thank him for all his help in this. I had a great time on my lessons and I definitely recommend him to any future learner driver.

Lauren McLaughlin November (2012)

Iain is a fantastic driving instructor, who is able to adapt his teaching methods for each individual learner and has an endless amount of patience. Through his very bad jokes and great teaching skills, Iain made learning to drive a joy and helped boost my confidence levels to a large extent.

Overall, I would highly recommend Iain as a driving instructor but I certainly wouldn't hire him teach me comedy!

Ross McKenzie Irvine November (2012)

Learning to drive with Iain was great fun ! I looked forward to my lessons every week no matter how well the previous one had went as he always seemed to end lessons in a constructive yet upbeat way !! Iain figures out very early in your learning, the best way to teach you and he adapts when required like when you have difficulty with a certain aspect. He's fair and up front with you and will continue to help you even when not out on a lesson.

Iain doesn't teach you test routes, he teaches you the skills to be a good driver on any road and by the time you're ready for your test you should be ready for just about anything the road can throw at you.

I would definitely recommend choosing to learn with Iain and Ayrshire driving solutions.

Blair Larmour October (2012)

Well...where do I start with Iain? He is a complete fruit loop. I'm just having a laugh! The man is a complete saint. I don't know how he was able to keep up with my mood swings, total lack of focus and concentration at times and my constant yawning every time he was talking to me. I would never of been able to put up with a student like that. Though, in my defence, I did have to put up with his very bad jokes and him constantly ripping me.

I had a great time learning to drive and I don't think I could have had a better instructor to learn with. He has taught me how to be safe on the roads and be able to deal with anything that these other silly car drivers may put in front of me!

In all honesty I miss his jokes and his admiration for his wife, who sounds like a great woman. Iain is a fan dabby instructor.

Marli Nesti (2011)

I started driving with Iain in the summer and I had driving lessons before and also sat 2 tests and failed them. But I sat my test and passed first time with Iain. We went back to basics and took it from there and I got better each time.

Iain is a very good instructor and he is very good at helping with things to do with driving. An example is that I have a problem with numbers and 45 degree and 90 degrees means nothing to me so when it came to manoeuvres it was a nightmare but he took the time to try to find out ways to make it easier for me especially with the reverse park and it worked the website says driving to suit you and it is made to suit the Individual and not everybody which is good as no two people learn the same way. Iain offers to help with the theory I would tell you to definitely take an hour out of the lesson and go through it with him it is so worth it.

I would highly recommend Iain to anybody wanting to take driving lessons as he is always adapting to the person and has some amount of patience well worth every penny he a is a good guy and a good instructor.

Ainsley Garven Barassie. (2011)

If it hadn't been for the quality instructing that I received from Iain I would not have been able to pass first time. I'd probably still be learning if it wasn't for the first class teaching I received. As long as you can put up with his bad jokes you'll get on great! and if you get a 'Well Done Billy' you know you're on the right track.

Kelly Lawson Stevenston. (2011)

I must admit that driving was not something that came naturally to me at all, I was like a fish out of water- but Iain had the patience of a saint and adapted his teaching method to suit my needs! Iain is a brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone (as long as you can put up with his jokes!)

Ashley Lawson Stevenston. (2011)