Help With Roundabouts

Why do we have roundabouts?

They are to keep traffic flowing at junctions were other types of controlled junctions may cause congestion. If safe keep on the move. BUT if in doubt stop. It is important to read on and watch the video so you can learn how to assess roundabouts and eliminate hesitancy.

It's not unusual for drivers to deliberately avoid certain roundabouts. Even seasoned drivers are uncomfortable with some roundabouts. The most common mistake at a roundabout is only looking to your right as you approach, because that is the traffic you must give way to. WRONG you must look in all directions as the other vehicles entering the roundabout can influence your decision making.

Assess as early as possible the exit you want to take off the roundabout. Assess all the information available to you from traffic signs and road markings to guide you into the correct approach lane.

Remember, to start your MSPSL routine in good time.

MIRRORS - Who is behind me and how close?

SIGNAL - Let other road users know what my intentions are in good time.

POSITION - Get in the correct lane on the approach not on the arrival at the roundabout. Never compromise safety to get into the correct lane.

SPEED - Assess the speed and position of all traffic approaching and on the roundabout. Adjust your speed to suit those traffic conditions. Select the appropriate gear so you can go or stop safely.

At the roundabout Look Assess Decide & Act Give way to traffic approaching from your right, unless road signs, markings or traffic lights dictate otherwise.

Be aware of roundabouts with an integrated Traffic Lights, you must obey them. You must follow any road markings on the lanes that show what lane to use if you intend to take a particular exit from the roundabout.

Pay attention to vehicles already on the roundabout. In particular, be aware of their signals and try to judge where they plan to leave the roundabout. NEVER believe an signal look for additional information to make a safe assessment.

Watch out for pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists on your left or right. You may be travelling very slowly on the approach and your dangers can come from all angles.

Look forward and left before proceeding so you are sure that traffic ahead of you have moved off.

On an off the roundabout will be taught in car.