About Ayrshire Driving Solutions

Let me introduce myself, I am Iain Campbell the driving instructor for Ayrshire Driving Solutions. I qualified as Class 1 Police Driver and Instructor at the world renowned Scottish Police College, Road Policing Division. I am also a fully qualified D.S.A. Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

I retired from the police in 2008 and decided to pass on some of my expertise to learners and full licence holders. To achieve this I opened my own driving school, Ayrshire Driving Solutions.

My driving school is built on quality training designed to suit the individual. Pupils learn in different ways. Some are receptive to certain instructional techniques more than others and as a driving instructor I aim to marry up the correct techniques with the correct pupil. This gives you, the pupil, the maximum benefit from your lessons. I want you to be interactive in the lessons as your feedback is extremely important for me to find the best way to teach you.

In pursuit of this goal, in December 201, I successfully completed a college course 'Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Level 3'. This qualification equips me to provide the correct training to the correct pupil.

As a driving instructor I insist on an initial introductory lesson, so you can assess my skills as a driving instructor and be sure you are happy to continue. It is important that you are comfortable with your driving instructor and have trust in my ability before you commit to a block booking.


As a driving instructor I have studied the causes and impact of stress on learners drivers and have a number of ways to help nervous pupils combat these feelings which, if not addressed can inhibit progress.

I will also offer you help to tackle the Theory & Hazard Perceptions tests. This can be done by studying the D.S.A publications, The Highway Code, Driving the Essential skills, Know Your Traffic Signs, online study aides and Apps. It is extremely important to learn and understand the contents of these publications as these rules, regulations and practical driving techniques are the foundation blocks for this life skill.

Most road collisions from the slight bump to a multiple pile up are caused by some form of driver error. My skills over the last 30 plus years have allowed me to identify developing hazards and avoid being involved in accidents which I may not have been able to avoid otherwise.

There are no guarantees that my skills will stop me ever being involved in an accident, but they reduce the risks considerably. If you learn to drive as a skill for life and continue to develop after you pass your test, you will also reduce the risks.