WELCOME TO Ayrshire Driving Solutions!

We are an established driving school, who strive to supply QUALITY TRAINING at COMPETITIVE PRICES. 

Our instructor is a Grade ‘A’ Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved driving instructor (ADI) who has also as been trained to the highest standard of police driving and holds Class One and instructor advanced driving certificates. He also has practical and instructional experience with LGV’s (Lorry), PVS’s (Bus) and motor cycles.

Our instructor uses coaching techniques to encourage you to play a big part in the way you are trained and will always giving you the opportunity to discuss the way forward. You will be able to self-evaluate your performance helping you grow into an even safer driver after you have passed your test.

We deliver structured training from learner to advanced which is designed to suit each individual pupil. We ensure that you are equipped to meet the challenges of driving alone. Our website will be continually developed to add features which will ease your passage through the training process. There are links to the DVSA site to make it easier to find the important pages and videos on their website.

We encourage our ex-pupils to contact our instructor with any questions they have. He will help them in their new venture onto the road and supply any additional training they want to undertake i.e. Pass Plus, Motorway familiarisation.

Contact us now and book your £15 introductory hour lesson to get started on the way to safe driving with coaching which will be designed to suit YOU!

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